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The women should be good at raising her children.;

Because her children are the men and women of the future and the first one they are raised under his mother. So if the mother places emphasis on good manners, rather, she gives importance to ibaadah (worship) and good manners and good treatment towards the people and the children brought up by her hands are nurtured upon this, then they will have tremendous effect in the rectification of society.

So because of this, it is incumbent upon the women who has children and that she places great importance on their upbringing and the she seeks assistance, if she becomes incapable for any reason, from their father or whomsoever is responsible for their affairs if they have no father.

Either from their brothers or their uncles or their brothers from the same tribe or other than them. And it is not befitting for the women to submit to the state of affairs and say::

“The people are following this i can cannot change it.”

Because id we remain like this, submitting to the state of affairs, then the reflection will be be completed.

Shaykh Ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymeen in

Women’s Role In Rectifying The Society