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At times in all relationships disputes and differences takes place and can end up with nerve-racking, nasty fights. The circumstances can last for weeks or even months. If the differences are not solved it can rise up anytime even years later and situation can become worse. If the situation is quite severe it can break trust in a relation. The main point is that if the relationship is important for a person than its better to resolve the differences as soon as possible.

One of the beneficial approaches to solve the differences in a love relation is by writing a sorry letter to your girl friend to open up for a discussion that would be done afterwards so that you both can bring out the point that caused problems in your relation. Through sorry letter you can bring out the thoughts and can think about the implication. You have the opportunity to correct your mistake by reword or rewrite the apology letter to your girlfriend. Before writing the sorry letter to your girlfriend you need to make a mind set that you are going to apologize to her through this letter. Remember one thing that sorry does not mean admitting that you are not right. Sorry can means that the attitude that you used that time to deal with the circumstances was wrong and has hurt your girlfriend a lot. On the other hand if you are wrong then don’t feel shame that you are wrong and admit yourself as wrong. The purpose of this sorry letter is to calm and alleviate the feelings of your girlfriend and then you can have an open and beneficial open discussion with her. Do not write everything in your sorry letter to your girlfriend because it is only the means of making your girlfriend to get ready for an open discussion. The structure of the sorry letter should be like:

1. In the first paragraph you should say sorry to her for your act in that situation but also tell her that your intention was not to hurt her. Also talk about trust and her support.

2. In the second paragraph focus only upon the important issue and how it has impacted your feelings, your relation and your self worth.

3. In the last paragraph tell her that how much important she is in your life, her support, presence and guidance matters to you a lot. And end up your letter by saying that I need you.

Therefore, a sorry letter can bring things together and in fact bring you more close.