♡ Native American’s

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28 thoughts on “♡ Native American’s”

  1. Do you like Native American stuff?

  2. I have a lot of native american in me…so I enjoyed this post. Thank you!

  3. rickbraveheart said:

    You have done so much to honor all native americans and first nation people with this beautiful post. Yá’át’ééh (Thank you in Navajo.)

    • Firstly I would like to thank you being so kind and dropping by. we always have a great interest in learning the culture values and the ways of living. we mostly find a lot in common in living and even the ending of our times. By nature and blood we always stand the right and just no matter what.

      Yá’át’ééh my friend

      Zahir 🙂

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes said:

    I’ve returned to this page as I hadn’t seen all these videos. I’m sure you’ve added some since I was last here. This is great, just great to see out there.

  5. terrific sight. My great grandmother was a native Canadian.

  6. Beautiful Page, with many interesting choices of music many I love.. Many Blessings for dropping by my Sanctuary Best wishes for the weekend.. Sue~Dreamwalker

  7. wordsfallfrommyeyes said:

    That art was absolutely awesome (in the second video). I wish so much I knew what they were singing. Every single picture bespoke such strength of spirit. I loved the woman sitting up in bed & there’s the dust of the fire giving the image of her warrior on horseback. This was really beautiful.

    A lot of soul, this page.

  8. wordsfallfrommyeyes said:

    This page is absolutely awesome with the changing pictures – stunning pictures. Right now the music is playing. I watched the video, and have to say I love the men’s long hair style. I’ve never heard Native American music. This is really strong music. I’ll never forget reading ‘Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee’. Unforgettable.

    Your pages are beautiful.

    Tale of my heart, I see you drop by and read me, and I just want to thank you. I’m honoured you’re following my story: thank you.

    Now, to click the second video…

    • Thank you so much for encouraging me, As my passion for culture and music will never die and as long as i am alive I would love to dicover more and learn more about the beautiful rich cultures on this planet. I read about Geranimo and will get the one you mentioned, and would like to thank you for that 🙂 you made my day wonderful……….

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