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The Tale Of Bitter Truth

Is There More Racism Than This?

Eli Ben Dahan is both a rabbi and an elected official representing the Jewish Home party in the Israeli Knesset.  He was born in Morocco and immigrated to Israel in 1956; he lives in East Jerusalem with his family.

According to Occupied Palestine HERE:

For his part, Eli Ben Dahan, who also serves as a deputy minister of religious services, incited the Jewish settlers to kill the Palestinians.

In a press interview conducted by an Israeli magazine, Dahan described the Palestinians as “animals who do not deserve to live”, and called for killing them.

He claimed that the Palestinians do not want peace and teach their kids in refugee camps how to use weapons to kill the Jews.

According to Israeli National News – he supports taking over most of the land in Palestine presently known as “the West Bank” but Israelis refer…

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