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The Soul

it is invinsible mod

The Formless Way We look at it, and do not see it; it is invisible.

We listen to it, and do not hear it; it is inaudible.

We touch it, and do not feel it; it is intangible.

These three elude our inquiries, and hence merge into one.

Not by its rising, is it bright, nor by its sinking, is it dark.

Infinite and eternal, it cannot be defined.

It returns to nothingness.

This is the form of the formless, being in non-being.

It is nebulous and elusive.

Meet it, and you do not see its beginning.

Follow it, and you do not see its end.

Stay with the ancient Way in order to master what is present.

Knowing the primeval beginning is the essence of the Way.

Lao Tzu