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TEHRAN, May 28 (MNA) – Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is among world’s wealthiest countries; poverty is an undeniable phenomenon in Saudi society.
While Saudi Arabia has wealthiest families, reports show 20 per cent of the population are under poverty line. Few hundred yards beyond the luxurious shopping malls and recreation centers of Riyadh, the beggars are searching for food, and a few miles farther, residents in slum houses in poor neighborhoods of southern Riyadh grapple with poverty to live.

Although Saudi government admits that poverty was a giant to fight with, the realities of the kingdom and problems face poor Saudi citizens had gone unnoticed by many. Exploring these terrains has proved difficult for foreign reporters, and that would be impossible except for the influence of famous individuals, who threaten their lives by walking on the same terrain.

Saudi Arabian government well knows the plights of the poor, but it has done little in providing help to assuage the effect of poverty. Much of the helps provided have been by third party private charity organizations.

Meanwhile, Saudi princes such as Walid bin Talal, one of the wealthiest and greatest investors, live a life of luxury.

Walid bin Talal, a famous Saudi prince and investor, has purchased an Airbus A380 jumbo jet for Saudi Rials 2b ($ 500m).