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“In his quest for gold, Columbus had the hands cut off of any Arawak who did not bring in his or her quota of gold. In a short 40 years, the entire race of people in Haiti, a half million native Americans, were wiped off the face of the earth by Columbus and the Spaniards that followed him….

The destruction of the Caribs and Arawaks in the Caribbean Islands through disease, rape of their women and sometimes out-and-out murder, destroyed the labor supply on these islands and made it a necessity for the Spaniards and other Europeans to create a rationale for the enslavement of the Africans….from 12 to 25 million Indigenous Americans were killed on the islands in the Caribbean….

I still think there will be a need for Columbus Day but it will be a justifiable day of mourning for the millions of Africans and so-called ‘Indians” who died to accommodate the spread of European control over the Americas and Caribbean Islands.”


John Henrik Clarke