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I love Australia because my friends live there not because it is big and civilized hahaha civilized my arse, just kidding. Its true, my colleague were Aussie’s and other nationals in the past and we are still mates and enjoyed BBQ’s and as well as the Aussie Rum hahaha…

I recently visited on the Facebook to see one of the page i use to like which was that idiot Bill Maher and sometimes I enjoy his humor and he shared this foto from another site called some Australian Atheist Republic and the idiot was blaming Islam for having a bad breakfast. 



later when i ask him to have a bit of decency to remove what is wrong and misleading And he needed to wake up thats all and he was lucky I tolerate hi as a British Muslim. He is luck he’s luck he was not Afghanistan otherwise they would have get em stoned and shag him like donkeys. They dont even have shot him he will just die his own death, now I am real LMFAO… 🙂


I guess he was expecting an attitude of Donald Rumsfeld or George Bush, but I gave him a little does of BritPak  my way hahahaaaaa.

  • Zahir Yusuf Malik

Hey Australian Atheist Republic, there’s something about this photo that bothers me. Would you please take it down? Thanks.


  • Today
  • 4:28pm

    Australian Atheist Republic

    [LX] What is it about the photo that bothers you Zahir? And why do you think we would accede to the request of a single person?

  • 5:25pm

    Zahir Yusuf Malik

    you are totally misrepresenting the Persian women and portraying the wrong message of Islam. that buraka is the tribes tradition some where far in village different tribes different culture and tradition. If you haven’t read the translation of Quran’n then you should not refer this to islam in anyway, by picking up few verses from google is dangerous and can be misunderstood. I read Carl Marks Maxim Gorky and some other famous writers and their ideology as well and I read most of the different faith scriptures. I quite admire Lenin though. anyway mate i worked Aussies abroad and still are good mates. If you think that my small logic is not right then perhaps I give the choice of reading Quran for knowledge and you may appreciate the knowledge, and dont worry your safety is garenteed ..haha and it is not about a single persons request its the truth mate. by the end of the day the decision is yours mate….

  • 5:35pm

    Australian Atheist Republic

    [LX] I have read the Quran. The photo is essentilally correct. Before Islam Persian women were powerful and self-reliant. After Islam, they are oppressed and subservient. If you haven’t already, post your comments on the thread. It is not going to be removed.

  • 5:37pm

    Zahir Yusuf Malik

    lmao…….. thats what u think u need to travel and u havent read the Quran

  • 5:40pm

    Australian Atheist Republic

    [LX] The entire Quran from start to finish mate. Now this is a warning. If you insist with this baseless argument you’ll be removed from the page. You have your answer, and you have choices. Good day sir.

  • 6:08pm

    Zahir Yusuf Malik

    I am dont want to be on the page I have seen enough of ur credibility mate. good night

  • Today
  • 1:41am

    Australian Atheist Republic

    [LX] Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

  • Today
  • 2:14pm

    Zahir Yusuf Malik

    Lmao…. Watch ur door I’m gonna shuv it shuv it up ur arse on the out.

  • 4:30pm

    Australian Atheist Republic

    Religion of peace huh?

  • 5:09pm

    Zahir Yusuf Malik

    Yes indeed Islam is a religion of Peace and I’m not Gandhi as well, so if an Asussie like u hit me with the door on my back on the way out then my answer was still very polite way, and was my personal british approprite respone to an Aussie idiot, now fuck off….. This may give you a bit of more peace..

  • 5:18pm

    Australian Atheist Republic

    You’re rather an ignorant man Zahir. Please stop sending messages to my page or you’ll be reported to facebook for harassment.

  • 5:23pm

    Zahir Yusuf Malik


    Stop sending me messages who or what ever you are. otherwise I have to report you to Facebook for your being racist and hate promoting as well as harassment.

    I don’t mean to be rude he just lies even being an Atheist, he need need probably some attention…:)

    Sometime people just don’t get it isn’t it