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 Verbal Diarrhea; Just a bit humorous facts……… 🙂 

Getting all this you guys may enjoy it an please don’t hesitate to laugh though……

For the past few weeks I’ve been reading my mates various magazines that come to that house each month (Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Vogue, Little Gus has a Fashion Magazine addiction, etc) and I came across an article that I found very interesting, and a bit entertaining. It was entitled “The Lies Men Tell”–and it was written by a man.

As I read more, I found it hilarious. It was written with such a matter-of-fact nature, like it’s normal or even acceptable that these common lies pour out of men’s mouth like verbal diarrhea. This article got me thinking about the lies that come out of women’s mouths as well.

There are things we indeed lie to our significant others about in order to spare their feelings, save a conversation from getting too intense, or…just because we have a little bit of verbal outpouring of our own. So, to the men out there– here are the lies they tell.

1. “Size doesn’t matter.”

trust me, it does. The term “it’s not the size that counts but how you use it” was most likely coined by a man who was probably ashamed of his very small parts. Gentleman…yes, size matters. Be logical.


2. “I LOVE your mom”!

Odds are, we don’t. We can sense that she will never think we are good enough for you, and we can also sense that we’ll never quite measure up to her in your eyes. We may like her, but we have a sense that she’s constantly “judging”.

3. “You’re the best I’ve ever had!”

Strictly speaking in regards to actual number of orgasms, you may not be ranked numero uno. But who counts anyway?


4. “I’ve only slept with __?____ amount of people.”

Add a few numbers to that list. Then, if we really love you, you should add a few more.


5. “Oh I’ve never done that!”

Odds are we have done it at least once, or we’ve thought about doing it.


6. “I’ve never felt this way about  anybody before”

… We have. We’ve probably said that to each guy we’ve ever “fell” for. Everything feels the same in the beginning of a relationship.


7. “I’ve never (kissed, done this, gone home with) a stranger before!”

Sure we have, we just don’t want you to think we’re a slut.


8. “I’m not looking for a relationship”.

We are. We either don’t think you are good enough, or we think you don’t want one and we don’t want to appear needy.


9. “I got them on sale”. No we didn’t.

We spent half our rent money on them, but we just don’t want you to know that.

So, women tell little white lies as well. Just like men, they have a certain way we’d like to look and be portrayed, and certain facts from our lives just don’t paint that picture. As for the important stuff—if they love you, and I mean really love you– you’ll know what’s truth and what’s not. And if there’s love, it shouldn’t matter anyway.

Believe me?




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