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O! My Master,

you made me from clay,

take my illnesses away,

Heart is aching,

give me the precious potion,

take illnesses away,

O My Beloved’s,

of Gardens of Love,

nothing but seeking your pleasure,

which you may alter,

How can be one so pure, but make me pure,

fish don’t survive in pure water,

I will survive,

with the light in my heart.

People say,

there are windows from one heart to another,

How can there be windows,

when there are no wall remains?

Does that mean that one doesn’t have the depth of love for you,

that one assumed ?

O! my Beloved!. It just means that loved one is seeking to validate the love,

as one hold in one’s heart for ?

I’m here but nowhere,

show me the path of wisdom,

When the time comes,

only souls remain,

but non shall remain but you remain!

Have A Wonderful Weekend My Beautiful Friends: )