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Two candles in love. The flame is inverted hea...

You are my unquenched thirst,

now my heart likes you

at least now come to me,

this is a request..

The status of my heart is tight,

now get colored in my hues

Just walk along with me,

it’s a request..

If you say yes,

life will smile openly as if coming out of waterfalls,

there will be pearls in our paths..

Taking along dreams made of glass,

I’m walking the nights,

I hope I don’t collide somewhere..

the flame of hope is alighted, yet,

I fear a storm..

I hope the flame doesn’t get extinguished..

Just one request for your yes,

then there will be a rain of joys..

There is the moon and the sky,

and the clouds are dense,

I wish the moon doesn’t get hidden..

This loneliness is pinching me,

and heartbeat is rising,

There is no peace for a moment..

It’s such a strange story,

only restlessness is there..