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Assalamualykum to my dear readers with beautiful minds. Giving a thought to couple of recent events.

Having a great experience with human as we found lot of corrupt minds with a heart which is fake or been replaced by a Heart Surgeon, I think. As now a days Pigs heart seems to do the work very successfully. God bless the educated butchers. Why human lie so much to cover their arses. I will need a to put one post for this as well.

We see the human talk about spirituality they talk about relationships, finding themselves in a dilemma of chaos. When I use to write method statements for construction, we generally are very precise and to the point. Sometimes we to find discrepancy in the statements I must admit. But I guess I fail to understand why create a circle of liers or manipulative kind of people. I, myself always having a clear thought with a positive atitude experienced that you can see very clearly that he or she is Lying. But sometimes it makes me laugh when the other person thinks how clever I’m lolz. As I allow it to happen that’s why. I can stop it when ever I like either right at the start or carry on for a while and say that’s enough and say no more please. Sometimes when you listen to their rubbish and you think WTF and (just wanna say shutup, and say don’t pretend what you are not please be your self), most likely the behavior is very strange.

Also the disturbing behavior I discovered that they always described themselves or presant as victims. I call this a sickness of hearts. I’m not claiming to be the expert on the human behavior as I’m still learning and may learn always through different experiences. After all life is a big lesson with various chapters.

Once I did send my password to a guy by mistake which I didn’t even knew and that gentleman politely advise me to change it and shouldn’t do with others as it may misused. I admire that gentleman and see him as a good friend. And I do admit that there are good people in this world, no doubt but rare.

Life is too short to waste with well disturbed mentally individuals artist or drama actors. I pray for those individuals to get well soon. 🙂

The problem is within us, we have a tendency to keep our problems to ourselves. So how can our loved ones help us if they don’t know we need help? They may think you WANT to be alone. But the truth is we are loved. Perhaps, we just need to communicate better.

If we have a past with which we feel dissatisfied, then forget it, now.
Its helpful imagining a good positive thought or perhaps a (story) for our lives and believing in it. We should focus only on the moments or (time) when we achieved what we desired, and that strength will help us to get what we actually want.

Zahir 🙂
♥ ♥ ♥

(P.S. Using my blackberry for posting today as I’m offshore and left my laptop on shore.)