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I am famous, I was in Big Boss and I am big Sister now lolzzzz

I am beautiful look at me; the question remain a big question?

How soon she will get Asylum abroad?

She can do anything for fame and money?

Am I a good women?

or Am I a good Pakistani ?

If we look at the video we can see how she’s done it and she shouldn’t be denying to the public of Islamic State of Pakistan.

Veena Malik (Pic: Getty Images)

“That was not the first shoot which I have done in my life that I was so excited or something” she contended.

“That is part of my job.”

Veena Malik bares it all for FHM (Pic: www.fhmindia.com / FHM India December 2011 Issue)

Veena Malik has vowed to return home despite receiving death threats for allegedly posing nude for the cover of FHM.

The defiant Pakistani actress, who sparked international controversy after appearing ‘nude’ on the cover of the Indian edition of FHM magazine with the initials of the ISI, Pakistan‘s spy agency stenciled on her arm, says that despite the threats she isn’t scared and will return to her home country.

She said: “The things I have done in life, I have the guts to stand by.

“This is my body, and I will take advantage of it if I want to. And it’s a very beautiful body. But I will not allow any man out there to morph my pictures and put it on the cover, just to sell their magazine. They are gaining. I’m losing.”

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A man reads a copy the December issue of FHM India (Pic: AP)

A man peruses a copy of the controversial December issue of FHM India (Pic: AP)

A man displays a copy the December issue of FHM India, where Veena Malik was the cover story (Pic: AP)
A man displays a copy the December issue of FHM India, where Veena Malik was the cover story (Pic: AP)

Malik insists she was wearing a bikini and claims that magazine editors digitally removed her bikini top after the shoot which has led to her father disowning her, death threats and accusations that she has betrayed her country.

She explained: “My choice was a bikini shoot. And I did a bikini shoot. They removed my bikini, later on. It was not a topless, and not a nude, shoot. It was a completely covered shoot,” said Malik. “When the upper portion of the model is completely covered, by the hands, you can’t call it topless.”

The star also hit out at the “stone age” attitudes of Pakistan saying: “I’m living my life on my own terms.

“If somebody does not agree with that, if somebody does not want to understand, it’s pretty OK with me. I did not commit any crime in my life.

“If some mullah on the TV today says shoot the girl, they will shoot me. But the guy who removed my clothes using some technology, at least say something against him.

“This attitude, I’m sorry, is in the society. When they say they have become modern, grown up, that’s wrong. They still live in the stone age.”

Earlier in the week Malik was accused of engineering the whole FHM controversy for a PR stunt – a claim which she denies.

The magazine and Malik are reportedly suing each other for £3m in a bitter exchange of lawsuits

Veena Malik (Pic: YouTube)




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