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This is a slightly different thought I read recently and would like to share;

Men Cheat & Why Women Should Get Over It

For my entire life I’ve heard how women are sick and tired of men cheating, not realizing complaining about the issue won’t change the man. So how should women cope?

I participated in a conversation today where I heard a young lady say “I’m losing all faith in black men.” During further discussion, she revealed past relationships of infidelity and deception.

Now the inaccuracy alone of  losing faith in ‘black men’ and labeling them solely as cheaters was enough to get my blood boiling. However, what about men in general?

Hell, had she said, I’m losing faith in men ‘PERIOD’ that would’ve been a bit more acceptable.

Although I don’t subscribe to the theory “All Men Cheat” I do acknowledge that a large percentage do. So how can we change this? What can be done to change the behavior patterns of men who can’t keep their ‘Johnson’s’ in their pants? Truth of the matter is….NOTHING!

What Can I Do About It?

What women have to do is something I call “apply the rules of life”. It’s a realistic standpoint that acknowledges at any given time a man will cheat. The reason most women get upset when men cheat is because (for whatever reason) they don’t feel they’ll get cheated on.

Women, the sooner you erase that illusion, the better off you’ll be. Go into a relationship expecting to get cheated on (sounds crazy right?) but it’s true. Letting your partner know your terms before hand sets boundaries within the relationship. Something along the lines of

Look, nobody’s perfect and if you eventually cheat on me, I want you to be honest about it.”

The overall effectiveness of this varies, however in your mind you’re expecting the worst and depending on your situation, you’ve decided how you’ll deal with this when it happens.

No matter how good you look, how great you treat your man, men always have options. What it comes down to is a man’s character. At times women don’t spend enough time getting to know a man’s character before commitment. Then they spend their whole lives ‘thinking’ they know their man, to find out he’s a whole other person all together.

So the truth of the matter is, if he’s a dog, he’s a dog! PERIOD! You found out and for the majority of the male species you know what to expect at this point. Ranting, Cussing, and banishing him to the depth of hell won’t change the character or the DNA of a man.

But making better decisions and looking at the situation for what it is will help you cope when it happens. Hey ladies, it’s a DOG EAT DOG world out there, might as well throw the dog a bone!

Written By: Jay Denson