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Women Who Expect To be Cheated On

I find this post quite interesting and reblogged……..

I have noticed that there seems to be a great deal of acceptance with regard to cheating men because of this classic excuse “Men are going to be Men” or “It’s the Dog in them that can’t help it!” So many women expect to be cheated on because they feel it is the Natural way a man is supposed to be because simply he is a man with DOG tendencies…

I think that is a CROCK of BULL… let me explain:

Why would you think it is acceptable that a man cheats because he has this dog-like instinct to sleep with any fine woman he sees… MEN ARE NOT DOGS– they have a brain just like you do whereby they can activate SOUND REASONING. They have the opportunity to be mindful but if they choose not to be that is SOLELY a personal choice.

Men: Why do you allow people to look at you in an Animalistic view? You know your not a dog- you are just not willing to be with one woman exclusively–and that is fine but don’t use the verbage of “Hey, I’m a Man.”  That is not good enough!

10 times out of 10- this is behavior has been learned and adopted depending on the male.  You know how I know because when men are in love, they can be very clingy, smothering and overbearing

Bottom Line: Learn to control your GENITALS-we call this DISCIPLINE. If  you don’t want to be disciplined at least share that with the person you are with to inform them that you don’t plan to be with them ONLY…But if you simply master your body you will truly see that you are not a DOG but indeed human…

And Ladies: if you stop making excuses for these men by expecting to be cheated on they will eventually stop but if you keep making poor excuses than he will know it’s OKAY because “he’s just being a man”- Right? No…WRONG!

~Peace and Happiness~

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