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A Bit Of A Sting On The Tail

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

Four days ago I posted about “A Scorpion Giving Birth, Have You Seen One?” and Zahir of The Tale Of My Heart have asked, “…how about a male one, I would like to know?”

Well since I am curious myself so I looked it out on the web, and this is what I found about a male scorpion.

Fabre (1907) gives a fascinating account of the curious and elaborate mating behaviour of scorpions from observations on a southern European species, Buthus occitans. He noted that in male and female encounters, the two scorpions initially stood face to face with raised tails which they intertwined. The male, using his pincers, would then grasp the pincers of the female and proceed to walk backwards with the female following. This courtship dance, the two animals ‘hand-in-hand’ so to speak, lasted an hour or more, during which time the scorpions turned and circled…

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