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“China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War”


On November 21st, America, UK and Canada
announced more sanctions against Iran. France also proposed to adopt new sanctions to force Tehran to stop it’s nuclear project. On Nov 23rd, the spokesman of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Foreign Ministry said in a regular press conference held in Beijing that China is opposed to unilateral sanctions against Iran. Scholars believe that, being isolated, China and Iran need mutual support.
Meanwhile, the CCP government, with internal and external difficulties, may express an even tougher diplomatic “voice”.

“Reuters” reported on Nov 23rd: “The United States, UK and Canada have announced new sanctions against Iran in the areas of energy and finance. France proposed ‘unprecedented’ new sanctions, including freezing the assets of the Central Bank of Iran and suspending the purchase of Iran’s oil.

Earlier, the “International Atomic Energy Agency” (IAEA) had issued a report that Iran may be secretly developing nuclear weapons.

On Nov 23rd, the CCP’s Foreign Ministry expressed opposition to the imposition of unilateral sanctions against…

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