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What do we want from our lives? Supposedly, which meant to be precious, as we think. Is something we want very much now. Question is, Can we get it or not? Or perhaps that’s the big question on our minds. May be the answer we are looking for which could be yes or no, but we can though, its a remarkable imagination or perhaps denying the reality.

But sometimes there are conditions. Will their be a lot of effort required?                                     Hmmmm, we may have to steadfastly pursue our goal or keep walking to our destinies. In this beautiful world or the world that we are leading it to much bigger disastrous moment. Sometimes or most of the times we may have to put up with weird personalities and as we know well that their are with top floor damaged. Yes I’m refering to their fucked up brains. I’m talking about the one’s with shit in their head and thinking of themselves either in a superiority or inferiority complex problem. the one carry both virus are highly likely are recommended to mentle rehabilitation programme.

This infection spread quickly and we can called them proper fucked up level, you’d rather not deal with them. Does that sound like a lot of aggravation? If so, then maybe we don’t want it or do want it, so much after all. The decent translation would be, go and fuck yourself, And if that’s the case, then we’ve made a huge progress, because we’ve made our choice in a uniquely mannerly way.

However, if the requirements don’t deter us, then we may proceed. With a good bloody dedication, and we can reach where we want (Hahahahaaaa) we can call it a special goal. But what the fuck is that we haven’t got a clue. But my advise will be that, We should focus to our goal if we got one I meant which we got in our minds with the gesture of beautiful thought. 🙂

Some people seem to be lucky. We’ve probably heard stories of people who have won the lottery more than once, or who get break after break in life. But you we aren’t feeling very lucky right now, and you wish you could find some way to change that. Fuck me dead it would be ideal though. If we want to change our luck, though, we have to change our outlook on luck.

Just because something didn’t work out recently doesn’t mean we aren’t lucky. In fact, it could mean that we’re VERY lucky. We had our eye on something that didn’t materialize. In the near future, though, we’ll be extremely happy that it didn’t when something better – something we would otherwise have missed – shows up to take its place. And in most cases it does work, in a sense that we got to live it.

And as now I would like to drink like fish and listen to this bit as follows and heve a great weekend folks;