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As we see light on arrival and we see the light in same manner as we depart. Questioning of Living and Dying young or feeling young? And having a great thought, Once my mother told me, Birthdays are good for us (for human). And I guess she was right.

The more of them we have, the longer we live. We have just had or will soon experience a birthday or the birthday. We may be tempted now to use the date as a measuring stick. Did we make any accomplishments mirror or perhaps exceeded what we hoped for? Or did we fall far behind where we anticipated, we would be by now?

But if we excelled, then congratulations to us – but congratulations are in order too even if we didn’t measure up to our expectations.

Hmmm as we are living and learning. If we use even our failures as fertilizer for our dreams, then we are making progress.

Some say, Dying young is good, but we how good or bad don’t know or don’t want to know about that but living it would be ideal. But having another thought in our mind, that death is just only the beginning.

May you all live, all the days of your life, Ameen.