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Some call ali (God)
Some call vali
 some call daata to the true GOD 
 i cant understand
what name shall i give
to these round shape ??? 
 make the real master of soul
whose name makes you feel drunk
 these open eyes see the loved one
 and when eyes are open should be Hajoor
 some at the time of sleep
 some at the time of bath, remember you
 give a glimpse of relief, God
Sartaj prays too
 God, we pray to you
 GOD, hold our ship & take to the bank
 God, hide my crimes
GOD, hey hajoor please come
 God, pay visit to your prayees
GOD, do the judgment in favors
 GOD, lessen our bad things slowly
 GOD, vanish the “I” from inside
GOD, lift us if we fall down ever
GOD, dont test our faith (belief)
 Hey God, groom our ‘ART’
 GOD, make tongue  right
 God, make us walk in Rythm
 God, win instruments over if get angry 
 God, tune your voice with them

 God, make letters to become words
God, make words support us
 God, make song wake up 
 God, make shayari be effective
God, grow the addiction of passion
 God, give sip to everyone
 God, make everyone fall in love
 God, let our thoughts fly
God, take us to the world of stars
God, make us dance like Sufis (Sants)
 God, we are sitting excited
God, teach us the Style little bit
 God, sing along with me
God, dont let Sartaj’s fame down
 God, give your hand to the ones misguided
God, throw the light too
 God, dont leave apart in the darkness
 God, relieve the weight of life
 God, make all worries fly in the air
 God, wash all stains too 
 God, make dry our wet eyes
God, fragrant our roses of heart
 God, teach us the lesson of love only
God, make all Holy souls meet
God, make us understand like kids
 God, force us not to fall in bad activities
God, mingle the pure into impure
God, rub the iron with Paras
God, give the value of our Hardwork too

God, dont let us to be sold in the Bad’s market
God, see dont delay now
God, bless sitting at your doors
 God, pour down the rain of relief
God, fill the pots of intelleigecne
God, make the dome of proud fall down
 God, bring thoughts from the sky
 God, call us by calling yourself
 God, let us sit near you
God, color us in the color of yours
 God, i remember you each moment
 God, make our lips rut like Parrot
 God, lit the candle of Soul too
God, touch the almighty chord