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Can’t feel my heart beat

Glance of yours, stole my heart

Became unknowing to myself and life started to go still

Heart of mine began to unknown journey on the vast thirsty desert

Oh careless whisperer, what you have done

Gave my heart away with dizzy mind

Gesture of yours was so innocent

Was I the only fool

My heart would go on now,

Is this stage has made me restless

Tried to stop my heart but couldn’t

Thought of you, have cast spell on me

Trapped by my own thought with a black magic woman

Magic started and was not even aware

Stepping forward, increases my heart beat

Can I say how much, I will love you

Love has tortured us or was it a feeling of joy

Suffering of sweet bitterness

Life will go on to destined path which started

It seems an unknown pleasure or pain

Gave my heart away, but don”t know why?

Can you feel my heart beat