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My wandering eyes are not leaving her

The silky bond is not cut by tooth

May be, I am aged to grey

And more wise

Still the youth is not faded completely

O God, the heartbeat is rising

The colour from my face is getting drained

Feeling nervous to sleep alone

See, the innocence of Heart

A bit raw too

Who knew that, the heart is a scoundrel in character

I always believed it is pure like me

Sometimes it is adament, and make a lot of noise

Giving importance to silly things

Nothing is as nasty as the heart

Somebody please stop it, challenge it

At this age, Will I will be fooled

I am scared to fall in Love

See, the innocence of Heart 

Heart is so depressed, that it is afraid to laugh

All my youth I played with danger

And I wished she would’ve  been my childhood meeting

Whenever the heart beats,

I feel she is coming towards mine

But is she not shy looking here at mine

I’ve been stabbed  by the Love-knife

Is this moment is not ending

Why she is not fading from my eyes

Am I so afraid to tell myself that

This innocence of Heart