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Sitting in the Sun gave me, my frozen mind working again and decided to look for knowledgeable and talented people. But then I said fuck it and decided to sit longer in the sun. Sometimes, somethings drag us down, don’t they?
What is it then?
Could be some kind of commitment, obligation, or perhaps something more, that which has left us feeling oppressed, emptied and stressed?
When we know clinging on to stubbornness ly to our foolish thought is not a good idea. We should be aware and hopeful, that we have the option of either ending it or improving it, the said words of commitment or obligation, or may be some kind of other……..
which we may fear naming it, deep down we know. But we may have been trudging along with this huge burden on our shoulders for so long we’ve forgotten that what is happiness, why we deny our own existance?
As every soul was created with the symbol of love, with the beauty of thought of pure love, perhaps something more. Shall we say love never ends? and how easily can we just put it up or put it down and thinking for a moment when we are lost in our thoughts of peace or wars.
Figuring out what we can live with and perhaps what we would be better off without – it’s hard to choose and then take a step toward making things better.
Can we live with or without food? We would say yes and can eat leaves or any green will do and will still be in the loop of living dead. Intriguing the thought of we should question ourselves that what is it that our soul needs? which penetrates in our hearts and minds and to purify our souls.
Guess what? Love it is which solve our hurdles on the life track.
We were just made with a clay. We should have a caterpillar engine instead of a heart and small or a small processor on the top level. Just reboot the system and after every fuck up. And live with the thought of no worry no hurry. Hahahahaaaa we are human being, or what?