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Monday, June 14 1999. Jerusalem.  The Dome of the Rock, sacred to three of the world’s major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. First consecrated by the Israelites, the site was where Solomon erected his temple. It was revered by Christians as both an Old Testament site and because of its place in the life and ministries of Jesus Christ. And finally, for Muslims, the rock was sanctified by the story of the Prophet Mohammed’s Miraaj or Night Journey to Jerusalem and back to Mecca. From the top of the rock, Mohammed began his ascent to Heaven.

Me: a member of a small tour group, which includes my three children.  We have just entered the main part of the Dome.  We have been inside for several minutes, just enough time to oogle the lavishly decorated mosaic, faience and marble, which adorns the interior. There are Qur’anic inscriptions that span the centuries.  We are…

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