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My Saturday brain status; At some point we always have somethings in the future we wish to have certain things unfold in our life’s. After all the hassle or that bloody hocas pocas of the shite world, we want a happy family, a solid and beautiful romantic relationship, and material success to survive, and may be along with a few very specific simple wishes . 

We may have a thought of one or more of our goals which we feel eluding you and me, though, and our inability to achieve it so far is causing our failure to enjoy those things we already have. That’s not a good thing. In fact, it could make it even harder to achieve what we want because it creates a negative kind of magnetism. But we are very close to something we want desperately or perhaps craved for that hunger – live in the moment, really we were always close to that it was just we were blindfolded and one day we will open our eyes and see it there before us.

Who knows? just open our hearts and minds and slide the curtain and let the light make our soul shine.