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Oh the daughter of the Ummah of the Prophet (SAW)! Oh mother who brings up sons and daughters of the nation and Oh my sister! Are you busy doing make up? What is this? Is it a lipstick in your hands? Perhaps you desire to apply it to your lips… you are sitting before the dressing 

table with a beauty box. Many make-up things are being seen here. Nail polish in different colors is there and perhaps you are about to color your nails with it but hold on for awhile and know something about these articles of make up before their use! What are these things made of? What is their real composition? After knowing this you can make the choice at your disposal to use them or not.

It is a universal desire among men and women to become beautiful and handsome and to be called beautiful and handsome. These powders, creams, perfumes, shampoos and dazzling and shining dresses and ornaments with diamonds and jewels are the manifestation of this desire. But the borrowed beauty achieved through the use of these things lacks the dignity, grace and modesty of natural beauty, the beauty which Allah (SWT) has granted to His slaves.
Now we will show you the real composition of lipstick. Lipsticks are of two types. You will have the introduction of the both.

Lipstick Containing Acid:

You apply lipstick to you lips, but do you know that you are using a dangerous mixture of chemicals? Do you know that you are putting dirty dried skin and nails of fish on you lips? Are you among the ladies who consider that lipstick is one of the most important ornaments of life? If your answer is in the affirmative, please go through the book “The Secret House.” The author of this book has given a wonderful detail of different things used in houses. This colorful attractive stick which you apply to your lips contains all “the best” elements which the cosmetic science of the 20th century has invented and introduced. The modern lipstick contains acid because no color without acid can stay on lips for long. Due to the presence of acid in the lipstick, the color seems orange in the beginning. Then acid affects the living cells of the skin and the orange color turns into red consequently. Every other ingredient in the lipstick is only to make the acid able to make its room. First it is bound to spread. Vegetable oil spreads very easily. Therefore, all the lipsticks available in the store contain vegetable oil. Soup is another important ingredient of lipstick. Unfortunately, neither soup nor vegetable oil is effective to cancel the influence of acid. There is only one thing, which can perform this duty easily and it is castor oil. A great quantity of castor oil is used in lipsticks. Acid gets itself absorbed in castor oil. Which along with soup and vegetable oil spreads on the lips and acid reaches the place where it can be most dangerous. In order to change the mixture into a hard stick, they need wax, which is extracted from petroleum. Its wax gives the lipstick the shape of a stick.

Only if women knew all the ingredients of lipstick, the demand for lipstick would considerably decrease in the market, Inshallah ! Have you ever smelt an old lipstick? The horrible bad smell, which you experience, is because of degenerated castor oil.

Now the lipstick lacks one thing, it is shine or luster. For this purpose, the scales of fish, easily available in fish market, are dipped in ammonia and mixed in the mixture. Can we say that lipstick consists of vegetable oil, soup, castor oil, wax, perfume, ingredients for providing security to food and the scales of fish? These are not all the elements. They lack one thing and it is orange acid, which resembles the complexion of human lip. When orange acid is applied to the lip, it seems read. It means that the lipstick needs another color and it is satisfying red color so that what you see in the tube must appear on your lips and you may avoid orange color. What do you think? Can your lip not live without chemical acid, which is detrimental on your lips? Think carefully, every time when you are applying lipstick to your lips, you are actually eating acid. The effect of acid in lipstick can be determined from the incident which a national daily reported a few years ago. According to the report, a woman reached a function after having her lips red with the lipstick. A butterfly took her lip for a bud. It sat on her lip, and the next moment, it fell down and died instantly. Do you know when and why ladies started using lipstick??? Tradition has it that it was thought in the ancient times that if a woman puts red color on her lips her soul would not depart her body.!

Lipstick Made From Pig’s Fat:

The second type of lipstick is prepared with pig’s fat. I can say this without any fear of contradiction that pig’s suet or fat is one of the MOST important ingredients of lipstick. Pig’s fat is the only fat which does not melt at average body temperature while all other fats start melting. Therefore, a research scholar of Bombay University observes, the pig’s fat does not melt on human body and lipstick manufactures have no option but to use it in their lipstick.

Alcohol is also included in all formulas of lipstick and nail polish. As we all know, alcohol is prohibited in Islam. Oh my sister! Have you ever realized the point that you decorate your lips with pig’s fat??? You put pig’s fat on your lips, and then you say prayer and recite the Holy Quran??? Have you ever thought that your prayers and other religious duties may not be accepted??? Is it not the case that you are inviting Allah’s torment instead of winning His goodwill? This is because alcohol and pig’s fat are the things, which are unholy, impure and strictly forbidden in Islam. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said that one should remove impurity before saying prayer. Oh my sister! If you have never thought about this before, please consider it now. We appeal you with sincerity that you should be very clear that lipstick is impure and unholy. When the truth becomes clear like daylight, then it does not suit a daughter of the Ummah of the Prophet (SAW) to seek shelter in lame excuses.

Nail Polish:

Ladies use nail polish so that they may look beautiful. But in fact, all types of nail polish destroy the natural beauty of the nails. Allah (SWT) has spread a net of small arteries under the nails. Blood circulates constantly in these arteries, giving the nails a red tint. But when the nail polish is coated on the nails for a long time, they become ugly, colorless and rough. Women are also very fond of growing their nails like the beasts. For this purpose, they seem ready to face every type of difficulty. Seeing their absurd eagerness, different companies are earning a lot. They are producing artificial nails of different colors, which are fixed on real nails. This practice does not befit a Muslim lady because the Holy Prophet (SAW) ordered us to remove the nails and said that cutting nails is one of ten natural things. To grow nails is not an Islamic practice; it has NOTHING to do with Islamic culture and civilization. A Physician of Medical Center New York University said, “The use of nail polish makes nails hard, and the remover makes them harder, and ultimately they become brittle.” If blood circulation decreases, the nails become thin, ugly and yellow. The Holy Prophet (SAW) had counted the practice of cutting nails among the ten natural things. A Muslim MUST believe that blessing lies within the limits described by the Prophet (SAW) and no doubt blessing is there. Doctor Saeed Rana observes that germs seek a shelter in long nails and they get themselves mixed in water and other eatables. The nail polish remover destroys the surface of the nails as it removes thin shells from the nails. The shine or luster of the nails also goes and nails become colorless and rough.

For How Long Have You Been Using Nail Polish?

Many ladies suffer from different diseases simply because of using nail polish but they don’t know the real cause of their disease and are moving from doctor to doctor in search of treatment. I would like to quote just one example which a physician, Tariq Mahmood Chughtai, narrated. The physician write, “Nails are also something living like a human body. They need fresh air, oxygen and water. If they experience pain, they whole body will show the signs and effects of this pain. A woman had boils on her hands. She was also experiencing horrible itch. She visited many doctors but the efforts of the doctors remained fruitless. At last she visited a skin specialist. After examining the patient, the doctor asked her for how long she was using nail polish on her nails. She replied that she was doing so for the last 5 years. She told the doctor that she was suffering from the disease for the last 5 years as well. The doctor advised her to stop using nail polish. He prescribed her some medicine and she was OK just within three weeks. Different colors have their own effects on human health. Nail polish plugs the pores of the nails and the chemicals it contains cause different diseases.

Cutting Nails is Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and it is Also Treatment

The following are the principles and manners of cutting nails according to Islamic teachings:

* A person must cut his/her nails regularly (Sahih Muslim)

* One should start cutting nails from the right side (Sahih Bukhari & Muslim)

* One must cut one’s nails within every forty days (Sahih Muslim)

* Don’t slaughter (something) with nails because nail is the Knife of colored people (Sahih Muslim)

The Holy Prophet (SAW) used to cut nails regularly and he also asked his companions to do so. Therefore, to cut nails is the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and it is also a way to avoid various diseases.

From a medical point of view the dirt in the nails is a breeding ground for germs.

Therefore women should clip their nails in order to maintain their health and the health of their children. In so far as the question of applying nail polish is concerned the layer of nail polish does not allow water to reach the nails and therefore the ablution remains incomplete. When one of the companions of the Prophet (SAW) left a small portion of his required body (almost equal to the breadth of a nail) dry during ablution, the Holy Prophet (SAW) ordered him to redo the ablution. The Holy Prophet’s (SAW) order shows the fact that the ablution remains incomplete unless the parts of the body required to wash 

are washed fully. Therefore, one cannot make ablution with nail polish on one’s nails. The pitiable condition is of those parents who perform Hajj, pay Zakat and say prayer but allow their daughters to muddle along the unIslamic ways. It is the result of the irresponsible attitude of their parents that they remain unclean all their life just because of using nail polish. They never say prayer in the strict sense of the word because if they say prayer, their prayer will not be accepted on account of the absence of ablution. Their Ibadah cannot win any reward.

The Muslim women should use Henna on their hands and feet so that they may have no resemblance with unholy and unclean non-believing women. Henna beautifies, its color is also absorbed and it does not make a layer on the nails.