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Have we got a mind on its own as we claim our hearts are pure. The question we may be asked ourselves – or at least expected in our lives – to take an important role at some stage. It could be any such as leadership or relationship etc. Although by nature sometimes human may feel insecure about it, and we may not feel we have the expertise or skills to take on the task. We always find our way if we move forward with courage. As we seek courage under fire.

Some human are very good at thinking on their feet. We know this to be true because we may have felt this way in the past, only to find that we knew more than we thought we did once you accepted the challenge.

Thinking back or forward to successful endeavors, and that will help us to gain the confidence and courage we need. Because with confidence and having faith really is all that we need today or so that we get on with it.

Mostly human think with their head not, their Heart we say. Then heart doesn’t have the ability to think is it just a piece of flesh which pumps blood in our vains or else? Distinctively that’s the function we can all guess. We may call our feelings or instincts plays the part perhaps and they are the one who decides.

What is it then feelings, instinct, self interest or love ???????? Are we human if the answer is yes then why we always lie to ourselves and stubbornly cling to our idea of being right rather then the pretending something that we are not. Why can’t we always look for similarities. Common things are wonderful which bring us close which we find quite boring but the differences brings us closer that’s where the journey starts of a beautiful world.

Distortion of hearts and minds stops only when the birth of pure heart takes place and which generates a beautiful mind.