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Children often fantasize of finding a treasure map that leads them to a pot of gold or perhaps a chest of jewels. Although as a little boys and girls don’t have knowledge and a true idea of the value of such a finds,
the question is, is it?;
the intrigue,
the mystery,
the fairy-tale
aspect of such a journey that inspires them. I may now be on a quest to attain something simply because I am caught up in the romance.

Being a grown up man which I may name a my journey to a woman‘s heart.

The difference here, is that I have an excellent chance of actually finding it or perhaps I may have found and not being realized. I think that the best news of all is that will it bring me far, far more than I have even imagined. This beautiful thought of mine make my day wonderful.

But when the sun sets and night cries out it gives me creepy feeling, is there a such thing called love or a romance?. And I looked at my dog and smiled as he is sitting next to me. Raises his ears like he understand every word I’m saying. I just love him as he agrees as always.

I still love the idea of chest or a pot of precious jewels or gold as it connects me to another galaxy.