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We need to ask ourselves, what do we really want with our lives? Do we have a tendency to hold ourselves up to higher standards than everyone else. Some might say our standards for yourself are impossibly high, and that you would never expect the same from another person.

Temporarily comfort of flashy stuff which amazes us, with this world bring us nothing but hate by giving birth to rivals which tends to generate santanic thoughts. And makes us forget that we are all human.

If we are involved in something now that is making us feel frustrated. We feel that we are failing. We are LEARNING. That’s what comes just prior to success.

We know materialistic world never last long. At the end of the day its our souls we need to purify. We came into this world with nothing apart from motherly love and we will depart empty handed.

Once a wise man said, always be good, do good, hope good, do wrong to none. That’s what gives us Peace Of Mind.