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Just had sehri and Fajr salah, I had a thought of writing something as we born human, sometimes we feel frustrated about our situations that just won’t go our way, the best may be is the time to step back from it. And allow it, and let the nature take it course. It could be the things aren’t working out for some reason that we will soon see or perhaps realize and understand. In the meantime, we should just take a break from the anxiety and any drama that’s involved as well, and remove ourselves from any resultant conflict.

Holding unreasonable grudges doesn’t help. It hurts more and people probably don’t even think of themselves as they hold grudges in them. We may not even realize it. Hurting each others feelings do not bring any good. May be there were a situation awhile back that caused us to feel a bit resentful? And, since then, haven’t they been a bit colder and more distant with certain friends who were involved? Shouldn’t we caused eachother enough pain. Don’t we realize how much we love eachother.

We may need to face the facts, and then let go of the bitterness or hurt that we may have caused. We know that we only hate because of being in love to someone special as they have been holding onto. We may find that others, seemingly unrelated things in our life to be improved. Letting go of bitterness is always a benefit. And forgiving is the best.

Stubbornly cling to our own ideas and habits and may fail to take advantage of new ideas or situations, because we cannot see their practical use. Probably the case is to be ready to look for new or fresh start. Because it is beautiful and wonderful world that arise from a seemingly unfortunate situation.

We should swallow our pride and give ourselves a chance. Remember we live once only. We have to understand that tolerance and flexibility which are the best assets when it comes to personal relationships.

May Allah (The Almighty Lord) guide us to be Loving and caring human. Let the love grow in our hearts. Ameen