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If things doesn’t go right we don’t go left, right or center.

It’s not our time yet, we will make ours though……… In time
Nobody can manage time,

But we can manage those things that take up our time in the meantime,

Aren’t we all forgetting we all have fear within us, in our hearts, for being deeply in love,

We may cautiously think, and pretend to be something we are not,

The overwhelming feeling for the precious one comes,

We may confusedly say,

hmmmm, what an unprecedented thought ………..

Shall we stay or shall we go, such as we known very common word called moving on,

Sometimes when we think about it, it gives us stomach cramps,

As we are sleeping on the cold wooden table,

In ……… The vast desert!!!!!!

Waiting for the touch of that feeling of silk and woolen warmth,

We would like to dip ourselves in beautiful colours and smell of mehndi

We deeply in love with the precious one and want them so badly……..

As we know love never dies, as we all live through the time,

People come in our lives and goes

Precious one they always come and remains in us forever and never let us go at any cost.

The always grows and makes us stronger
…….. Time tells us how strong we are teaches us far better

How can we give up the precious one at this time

Shall we wait for that right time?

Perhaps, time is managing us, we end up saying,

We got what we deserve, Nope its not right

If we have a distressing or anxious feeling about something now, we don’t panic,

We could be worried about something for a variety of reasons,

but don’t confuse your apprehension with a sign or some other influential experience,

Our stress level could be contributing to a feeling of panic,

but there really is nothing to be afraid of.

Once we do, we will have a much more objective viewpoint of what’s going on within us.

What we forget we live once, we all are in love one way or another,

All we need is trust but nothing more and
Time will respect us. We are the time. Believe it……… !!!!!!!

P. S. I ♡ U
Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮ Ơ̴̴͡

In this beautiful month of Ramadhan we should love our Lord Almighty and ask our Lord which is OUR’S (Ameen)