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YA Allah:

In my mind,
I have already failed at an upcoming challenge.

But my Heart …… never fails to

Mind can see myself screwing up in the ruff and dangerous Seas and so many things, being short on time or other resources.

I’m setting myself to sail in the vast Ocean, with the name of Allah
Imagining other’s disagreeing with me.

But I’m the Sea and I’m the Ocean my Heart says.

I just know there will be insurmountable obstacles in my path.

That doesn’t sound like me, my heart says,
but right now I’m in danger of working myself into a state of chaos,
If I continue to give in to my darker fears about problems I face.

My inner soul my Heart is strong,
I have everything I need to resolve the problem with grace and wisdom.

And my Heart cry’s out yes, I will and I always do- if I start envisioning a successful outcome.

Because, I am the in the purest form with no second thought but, only filled with

Pure Love, Faith on Allah and Hope for the best,

And finally I reached, and found myself discovered.

May Allah guide us all in the Holy month of Ramadhan, Ameen