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A women trapped in a cage.

I do not like words for they cannot express what I feel inside

They have not the power to open up the cage

And give me the freedom I seek

I need something deeper than words

Something that cannot be written or even seen but felt

I need the warm embrace of the sun

Or the soft caress of the wind

Or the goose bumps on my arm from the song that says it all

I need the mist that falls on my skin

Light and gentle, that calms my soul

I do not like words

They trap me in a cage where all I have to express myself with is a pen

A Kleenex would be more useful for at least

It could dry the tears that threaten to drown me in captivity

At least I have an open window

For when I gather enough courage

 I might escape and surrender to what I want most of all

And am most terrified of the thing I have carefully avoided

But deep down wanted was… love