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O, the sky who turns above our head!
In love of the sun, you share the same mantle with me.
By God you are in love – and I shall tell what reveals your secret:
Inside and out you are radiant and lush.
You do not get soaked in the sea, you are not bound to the earth;
You do not burn in fire, and are not disturbed by the wind.
O the millstone! which is the water that makes you turn?
Tell me! perhaps you are a wheel made of Iron.
You turn one way and make the earth green [with raindrops] like paradise;
Then you turn the other way and uproot the trees [in storm].
The sun turn the other way and uproot the trees [in a storm].
The sunis a candle and you a moth in action;
Weaving your web around this candle.
You are a pilgrim wearing in Ihram turquoise in color
Like pilgrims you are in circumambulation in Ka’bah.
God said:’whoever performed Hajj is safe’;
O dutiful wheel [of the sky!] you are safe from harm.

Everything is a pretext, there is love and nothing besides love;
Love is the house of God and you are living in that house.
I will say no more, for it is not possible to say;
God knows how much more is in me crying out to be told.