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A Sufi teacher was visited by a number of people of various faiths who said to him:

            ‘Accept as your disciples, for we see that there is no remaining truth in our religions, and we are certain that what you are teaching is the one true path’.

            The Sufi said:          

            ‘Have you not heard of the Mongol Halaku Khan and his invasion of Syria? Let me tell  you. The Vizier Ahmad of the Caliph Mustasim of Baghdad invited the Mongol to invade his master’s domains. When Halaku had won the battle for Baghdad, Ahmad went out to meet him, to be rewarded. Halaku said: “Do you seek your recompense?” and the Vizier answered, “Yes”.

            ‘Halaku told him:

            ‘ “You have betrayed your own master to me, and yet you expect me to believe that you will be faithful to me”. He ordered Ahmed to be hanged.

            ‘Before you ask anyone to accept you, ask yourself whether it is not simply because you have not followed the path of your own teacher. If you are satisfied about this, then come and ask to become disciples’.