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Take off your wear feet!


Yeah I know ,there is nothing unusual about that,we put  on our shoes ,we take off our shoes everyday. It’s part of our fabric as human beings.But what about taking them off outdoors like  when going to office,visiting your  parents-in-law,and  going to shopping malls and even  going to your date.Give it try for one single day  and you will feel good.I know it sounds a crazy embarrassing  idea as it is unacceptable in society where only beggars and fools  could show up barefoot in public places.Beg your pardon We ‘re society,We are the ones who draw those  lines which means We can skip them when we want to.

Why do Islanders love walking barefeet?

I am an islander , I love walking barefeet, and such picture is so widely common in my island especially in summer time,because  in winter  like migrating  butterflies ,most islanders move to the city to  work or to study.My island is a heavenly shelter we run to ,to break out of the  stangling rules and to  set the adventurous  genie imprisoned in us free.And one of those  things  is taking off  our shoes, and set our feet longing for the tickling  touch of the sandy ground,and missing the cool caress  of the  dewy grass.

Ancient philosophers loved walking barefoot too?

Some  ancient philosophies, thought that  there is  life-force energy called Chi (also called Qi or Prana) .It can be absorbed through the soles of the feet. Ground Chi is absorbed automatically and unconsciously when walking barefoot, which increases the amount of Chi absorbed by the body.It’s said that you can consciously learn to absorb more Chi from the ground as you walk to increase your vitality, your capacity to do more work and your ability to think more clearly.

p.s:Now  mothers in law  know how to make their son in law  vital,capable, hard-working,and smart ,just give in all his dearly loved shoes,slippers,and even his hem-sandals.

My shoes are bewitched like Cinderella’s

Once upon a time old shoes  cast a curse  to take revenge  on their  ungrateful  owners.It called foot trouble.

: High-heeled shoes cause arthritis, chronic knee pain, sprained ankles, and back problems.
: Shoe laces can be a choking hazard if you attempt to swallow them.
: Shoes worn or not, can be a serious tripping hazard.
: Wearing shoes that are too tight can cause ingrown toenails.
: In the event of an earthquake or other sudden shift in forces in your environment, shoes can become lethal projectiles.
: Most workplace accidents occur for people while they are wearing shoes.
: Shoes increase your weight, throwing off the balance inside your car as it rocks slowly halfway off of a cliff or bridge.
: Dogs may find your shoes enjoyable to chew on, and decide to chew on them with your feet inside.
: Shoes can cause you to be susceptible to fungal infections.

Barefoot is blessing

It strengthens legs: Walking barefoot serves as an excellent means to strengthen our leg muscles, tendons and joints, as the body’s weight gets equally distributed on both the legs.It improves circulation: Walking barefoot helps to improve our blood circulation, as barefoot walking exercises various muscles in the legs and the feet, which in turn help to better the pumping back of blood to the heart! A better circulation of blood in your body ensures that blood doesn’t collect in your legs, thereby reducing your chances of developing Varicose Veins. The improved blood circulation also eases the pressure of the circulatory system helping immensely in reducing blood pressure.

It eases Back ache: Shoes disturb our sense of equilibrium along with promoting a faulty weight distribution which puts unnecessary strain on our spine which leads to back ache. Walking barefoot helps correct our posture and equilibrium along with promoting an equal weight distribution, which eases the strain off the spine and reduces the back ache  in the process.

It straightens Toes and helps avoid injuries: Kenyan Athletes are often found practicing their running skills barefoot! This is because running barefoot helps to avoid injuries to the feet as with 80% of the foot being in touch with the ground, the body’s equilibrium is maintained and weight is distributed equally which ensures that there is proportionate pressure on both legs, which in turn reduces the chances of any leg or foot injury in the athletes.

Going barefoot is also known to help people with flat feet with their problem as it helps to improve their balance, it is also known to help straightens an individual’s toes (which is needed for maintaining the body’s equilibrium)

Other popular benefits of walking barefoot are it helps cool down the body in summer and also helps the rest of the body be healthy due to the stimulation of the 200,000 odd nerve endings which spread out in the body!

 what she says, but I’m a woman and  my shoes are  my best friend .