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A good wife is one of best treasures in life, yet at the same time to be a good wife is not always that easy. There are also some things you need to avoid doing if you want your marriage to remain strong and solid.

  • Don’t overstep the boundaries: Boundaries are very important in our lives. We all have responsibilities in different areas of our lives, plus we all need our own space. It is a good idea to establish some boundaries from the beginning. A good husband will respect your boundaries. You of course will respect his boundaries also. Many a great relationship has been harmed by not respecting the needs of the other person. No respect for boundaries is one thing that can certainly kill the relationship.
  • Don’t take your relationship for granted: One great way to maintain the spark in any relationship is to make sure you express your appreciation of the other person regularly. Simple words such as “thank you for … ” or “I appreciate …” go a long way towards maintaining a positive relationship. When this simple expression of respect is lost in a relationship it is easier for negative thoughts to enter into the minds of those involved. For example: Well, he/she does not appreciate the effort I took to with cooking or house chores. If these negative thoughts persist and are given opportunity to increase, a good relationship can easily turn to a bad one. We all need to be appreciated and respected. May sure you make the effort to express your appreciation to your husband. You will find that this will help to strengthen the relationship.
  • Never presume upon your husband: In many ways, this is very similar to taking our spouse for granted. Exercise consideration with all of your friends, family and acquaintances it will be much easier to maintain a good relationship. Be kind and considerate, and you will certainly find yourself enjoying many more positive moments with all of your friends and family.



And lastly make dua to Allah to make your marriage and relationships successful.