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My darling likes to be bitten. Any tips?

The Sex Shrink says…

For a technique so readily available to every lover, biting as an erotic manoeuvre is not given the attention it so richly deserves.

The Kama Sutra lists eight different styles of biting, articulating details such as the number of teeth to be used, the pressure, which part of the body is most suitable for each kind of bite, and the type of marks that will be left on your lover’s skin.

Explore her reaction to gentle nips, such as the “swollen bite”, when both your upper and lower teeth are exerting pressure, and the “point”, when you press with  only two teeth – both recommended to be tried on the lower lip.

Or to stronger bites, where you chew with your teeth and your lips, which are known as the “line of jewels” for the marks you will leave, which work well on the small of her back and the throat. The text also encourages her to respond – harder – to your overtures: “When a man bites a woman forcibly, she should angrily do the same to him with double force…” Sounds like fun, no?

Originally published in the May 2011 issue of British GQ.