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“When Majnun, as the story goes, was making for his beloved Laila’s home, as long as he was fully conscious he drove his camel in that direction. But when for a moment he became absorbed in the thought of Laila and forgot his camel, the camel turned in its tracks toward the village where its foal was kept. On coming to his senses, Majnun found that he had gone back a distance of two day’s journey. For three months he continued this way, coming no closer to his goal.

Finally he jumped off the camel, saying,”This camel is the ruin of me!” and continued on foot, singing:

My camel’s desire is now behind,
My own desire is before.
Our purposes were crossed,
We can agree no more.

What I think…. !.

Majnun (lover) is our soul……. Camel represents our self or ego. there is continuous disagreement between our soul and our ego. The Objectives of our ego are different. Ego demands lust and materialism, Praise and Nobility. But Objective of Soul is nothing but to reach Laila (The Beloved).