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The third stage of  is when he has convinced himself that he is a happier and more fulfilled person with you in his life than when by himself

He feels he is with the right woman at the right time, and at this stage, you will not even be asking the question “Is he in love with me?” because you will know. He will have NO problem declaring to you how he really feels. He might not always use the words, “I love you,” but he manages to get his point across.

He is strongly attracted to you to want to start the breeding process or if he is past “breeding”, he is attracted to you enough to want to “settle down”. Keep in mind that in this age and time “settle down” does not necessarily mean marriage to all people but it simply means  This feeling of “I AM WITH THE ONE” is not the same thing as when he feels he “needs’ you do yourself great favour if right now, here and today, you decide to exercise your power of choice to have what you want and to stop wasting time, emotions and energy on going-no-where relationships.