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Second stage of

“falling in love”

for a man is when he begins to see you as unique and special

He may still be visually attracted to other women and you may be the woman with the “less than perfect” body but there is just “something about you” – and it is driving him nuts. It can be the way you talk or the way you laugh or the way you think or your enthusiasm and passion, or whatever it is you do that makes him think you must feel more deeply and experience life more profoundly and therefore you must be more delightful to be with. He feels more energized just by being around you which in turn makes him feel good about himself and about life in general.

This stageis, like his counterparts in the animal kingdom, he begins to mark his territory. He pays more attention to your needs, spends more time with you and is over protective when other men try to make a move on “his woman”. In other words, if you are with a guy who still wants to keep it “an open” relationship and does not mind you dating other guys, then he still has not reached this stage of attraction. He (and you) are pretty much still up for grabs.

Are there things you can do to intensify attraction in order to speed up the process? Yes. There are many things you can do, and discussing them requires me to write another article. The bottom line is, the more positive (happy, deep, and moving) and less negative (painful, stress-full, dull, and “full of yourself”) experiences he shares with you, the more likely he is to look at the future with good feelings about you.