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I am back to the house where I belong

I have been living here since a long time

So long ago, my memories are like mist and fog

But in that blur I do remember

Green grass and the Spanish Tiles flooring inside 

But I was forced to desert the house for a year

Now that I have come back, so much has changed 

But yet, some of it has been redone to what it was like before 

A weird sense of deja vu passes upon me

Every corner re-done , I feel I have been here before  

I do not remember most things as they have been ruined 

The house is there intact, but in shambles

But my Mother is doing all in her capacity to bring back normalcy

My Father is spending a fortune on fixing broken things

The lawn grass has turned from green to yellow

The trees are unkempt and now all dry

I feel I just might start crying

Entering the neglected gate, neigbours gave us weird looks 

Stupidly, I think, maybe I should not have come back 

So that the factual position, I may not have ever seen

But then better sense prevails, it was good I came back

To see for myself how much things have deteriorated

And, then comfort myself and say

‘We shall again see the glory days’

Uzma, 12 April 2011